Stained Glass Care


Thank you for checking out my stained glass care tips. The following advice is what I have found to be the best method of caring for stained glass pieces. However, if you're uncertain of how to care for your piece, please head over to my contact page and drop me a note with your questions or concerns and I'll be happy to get back to you.



 Your stained glass item is fairly robust but should still be handled with care. It is best displayed in an area with minimal contact, strong drafts that could cause it to knock into your window, or where it can’t be easily bumped into. Always use a screw in hook or a nail to hang your piece. Suction cups are never recommended as they can fail, leaving you with a damaged piece at best, or completely broken at worst. Should you choose to use one, please check and clean it often to make sure it is secure, but it comes highly unrecommended.


Your new stained glass piece from me will come freshly cleaned and polished. To maintain, simply wipe with a microfiber or soft cotton cloth. Do not use any chemical or acid-based cleaners on it. If needed, water and a mild dish soap, such as Fairy (or Dawn) can be used to wash it. Make sure to gently dry it off immediately after washing with some paper towel or glass cloth. You can use Pledge wax multi surface polish or carnauba car wax to restore shine and add protection to slow oxidization. It is natural for oxidization to occur over time on the lead and solder lines. Avoid contact with anything abrasive, as it will scuff and damage the piece, especially pieces that have a black or copper patina finish and items made with iridescent glass gems.

Proper care and maintenance will allow you to enjoy your stained glass piece for many many years! 



 All of my stained glass products are made with lead and are safe to handle. Lead is only harmful if inhaled or ingested. To be safe, keep away from children & pets. Wash hands after handling as a precaution.



 I love to see my pieces when they make it to their forever home. Tag me in photos on Facebook and Instagram @HandmadebyJoolz.  I hope you love and enjoy your stained glass piece for years to come.